Krasny Selo Agriculture (KSA) was formed in 2007 as a full service agribusiness company which owns and operates agricultural land as a principal and also provides a complete range of management services to land owners in Russia.

KSA's mission is large scale farming operations in the Central Black Earth Region of Russia, in partnership with leading Russian banking institutions and international institutional investors to generate opportunity type investment returns.

KSA's strategy is to build a portfolio of over 350,000 ha of farmed land consisting of 10-15 large super farms (KSA Super Farms ©) via a combination of freeholds, leases and management contracts for consolidation and an exit event in 5-7 years through an IPO or sale to a specialised fund.

KSA's primary product lines include high value cash crops, including cereals for the food and beverage industries, and feeder stocks for the animal feed and bio-fuel markets.