The Team

Aleksei Permitine
Managing Director, Partner

Active property developer in Moscow since 1988. Aleksei Permitine has developed over 400,000 m2 of gross built area of commercial, industrial and residential space, with a total budget of US$ 0.6 billion. His clients have included the IMF, World Bank, the EU and several Fortune 500 companies. During 1999-2003 he was co-chair of The Expert Panel of the State Duma Property Committee (a steering committee of the Russian Parliament); Degree in Civil Engineering and Master's Degree in Business Administration.

David Pepper
Farms Director

David has nearly three decades practical experience in the agricultural sector, including 19 years as a Farm Manager in the private sector and 12 years as a consultant on international development projects in Russia & Eastern Europe for corporate and government bodies. He has an extensive Project Management and Team Leadership experience and is an expert in the development of agricultural policies and strategies of the Russian Federation at Regional and Ministry level; David holds a degree in Agriculture from Reading University with subsequent diploma's in the British Agro Chemical Standards Inspectorate Scheme (BASIS) & Fertiliser Advisors Certification & Training Scheme (FACTS) qualifications, and a post graduate diploma Environment & Development.

Terry Reilly
Farms Operations


Extensive experience in dry land & irrigation cropping both food, feed  and fuel based. Terry 's experience in greenfield project set-up and   reorganisation of existing poorly performing agricultural businesses  and on the ground development is key to getting farming operations  into fully working units as fast as possible especially in eastern Europe and third world developing countries.

Valery Stepovoy

Working in property management since 2004 and has worked with Aleksei since 2001 with Russia and Ukraine extensive regional, government and local contacts. Doctor of sciences. Federal Tax Service state advisor (3rd rank), Federal Customs Service state advisor (1st rank). Worked at AFK "Sistema" (2002-2009), oil and gas company "Itera" (2003-2008).

Natalia Popova
Project and Construction Management

Involved in project and construction managment business in Moscow since 1994, worked with Aleksei Permitine since 1995, and completed projects with total US$ 0.25 Bln construction budget and some 250,000 m2 GBA.

Ilya Vokhontsev
Executive Director

Involved in property, construction and agricultural businesses since 2002, previously worked at Cushman&Wakefield, development and construction company "Krost". Has extensive contacts in agriculture and property sectors.