Acquisition Targets

An agricultural holding group with operational farmland located 350-550 km south of Moscow in Lipetsk and Voronezh regions. The total area of arable land is 80,000 hectares, of which approximately 42,000 hectares is currently under cultivation of cash crops.

Long term grain purchase contracts in place for "off take" from large Russian ethyl alcohol distilleries and potatoes with a well known international player.

Additional assets include a large amount of western farm machinery, two grain elevators with 61,000 tonnes of storage and a dairy herd of 2,800 milking cows.

KSA is currently managing this farm on a full and exclusive farm management contract.

We have a second acquisition target of 50,000 hectares in the Voronezh region with 45,000 ha of cropable land and 1,400 milking cows. There is a good selection of modern farm machinery and on farm storage for 84,000 tonnes of grain. There is also irrigation from the river for potatoes. The land tenure is a combination of leasehold and freehold and is in one relatively contiguous block.

There are a number of other acquisition opportunities that we are studying in our target areas to enable us to offer further suitable opportunities to our investors. Details will appear on the website after we have studied them in depth.