The Team

Aleksei Permitine
Managing Director, Partner

Active property developer in Moscow since 1988 and in construction since 1983. Aleksei Permitine has developed over 400,000 m2 of gross built area of commercial, industrial and residential space, with a total construction budget of US$ 0.6 billion. His clients have included the IMF, World Bank, the EU and several Fortune 500 companies. During 1999-2003 was co-chair of The Expert Panel of the State Duma Property Committee (a steering committee of the Russian Parliament). Degree in Civil Engineering (Moscow Mining University, 1983) and Master's Degree in Business Administration (Russian National Academy for Foreign Trade, 1991).

Natalia Popova
Vice President
Project and Construction Management

Involved in project and construction management business since 1981 and in Moscow since 1994 and worked with Aleksei Permitine since 1995. She has completed projects with total construction budget of US$ 0.25 billion and some 250,000m2 GBA. Head of Group Project Management Division with 35 local professionals. Degree in project/construction management (Norilsk Industrial Instittute,1981).

Andrey Mitushin
Project Management, Planning and Designs approvals

Working in construction industry in Moscow since 1998 and worked with Aleksei Permitine since 2001. Responsible for pre-design and design approvals, construction permits with Moscow City architectural and approving bodies. Has successfully obtained outline planning permissions and construction permits for a number of projects in residential, industrial and commercial real estate.

Ilya Vokhontsev
Executive Director

Involved in property and construction businesses since 2002, previously worked at Cushman&Wakefield, residential development and construciton company "Krost". Has extensive contacts in land acquisitions and experienced in day to day management of the development projects.