Setun project. Minskaya street - Residential

The Setun River site was acquired by PJV from the Government of Moscow for the express purposes of development of a class A housing project in Moscow, with the total area for the construction for the first phase of 15 houses on a land plot of approximately 7.5 hectares.

From project inception, the management of PJV decided to utilize the latest techniques in modular residential construction in order to appeal to the target 'expat' market.

The initial tenants were mostly representatives and senior employees of international companies.

The project was undertaken by Perestroika JV ("PJV") which was a joint partnership between a privately-owned developer from Atlanta, Georgia, USA and the/a Moscow City municipal civil engineering contractor - Glavmosinzshtroi ("GMIS").

This Project involved the construction of the first phase of a residential development of houses designed for and marketed specifically at senior executives of foreign companies and diplomats residing in Moscow. It is located in a picturesque corner of the Western part of Moscow, on what was formerly water meadows next to the River Setun.